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Who’s is the best validator to delegate with?

Might be an easy question to answer (or not) but I thought i’d ask anyways. Please no biases. I’ve just recently transferred my tokens to Cosmostation to earn higher rewards then what’s available o...
Market Cap
$759.10M 0.77%
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$1.02 - $1.04
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$13.40M -29.36%
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$0.14251 - $2.61
0.05% < 0.01%
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All Time High
ATH Date
March 5, 2021
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1 day
$0.0077 0.75%
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$0.1542 17.51%
1 month
$0.00097 0.09%
3 months
-$0.65594 -38.79%
6 months
$0.38507 59.26%
1 year
$0.88889 608.93%

Whitecoin is a Proof of Work coin that has successfully transitioned into a Proof of Stake coin with a 2% annual stake interest. During the Proof of Work phase, multipools mined large amounts of the Proof of Work blocks and sold them on exchanges, allowing for wide and even distribution of the coins...

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XWC +0.75% · whitecoin.info · 174w

Whitecoin listed on GBCAX... And Whitenode Token!

GBCAX has added XWC for both BTC and ETH trading pairs! AND Whitenode Tokens with an ETH pair! The Whitecoin team are very pleased to announce we have been listed on GBCAX! We have the honour of being...
XWC +0.75% · whitecoin.info · 177w

Whitecoin Wallet v2.4.0.0 Released

Hello all! We’re very pleased to announce the release of the Whitecoin wallet v2.4.0.0 The newest version of the Whitecoin v2.4.0.0 has been released on the windows operating system. With a host of im...
XWC +0.75% · whitecoin.info · 178w

Whitecoin Staking Weight Chart

As many of you have noticed over the previous few months the network weight for XWC has continued to grow to unparalleled heights. This consistently high level of staking demonstrates how Whitecoin ha...
XWC +0.75% · whitecoin.info · 178w

Whitecoin Exchanges

Do you know how many exchanges we’re on? Or can you name them all? Probably NOT! I couldn’t!! Having seen vast growth in 2017 and a rapid expansion of exchanges hosted all around the world focused on ...
XWC +0.75% · whitecoin.info · 180w

Whitecoin to be listed on Funcoin Today!

Whitecoin trading is going LIVE on Funcoin today (February 6th) at 18:00 hours! The XWC wallet is now open and ready for trading. Based in South Korea Funcoin is a growing platform which has chosen to...
XWC +0.75% · whitecoin.info · 182w

Whitenode Setup Guide

Whitenode setup guide by Denimchicken This setup guide written by one of our key community members Denimchicken examines the rationale behind acquiring a Pi and using Whitenode to stake XWC. The hardw...
XWC +0.75% · whitecoin.info · 182w

Whitecoin Wallet 2.3.1 Release

Better late with the information than never! But… Whitecoin wallet v2.3.1 has been released! (some time ago) Lizhi has been hard at work over the past couple of months making the XWC wallet much impro...
XWC +0.75% · whitecoin.info · 182w

XWC Miner - Whitenode

The Whitenode project The Whitenode project has been a community funded endeavour to commercially produce an energy efficient platform based on the Whitenode raspberry Pi software to stake Whitecoin f...
XWC +0.75% · cryptotown.io · 184w

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