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Doge will win

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Drop Coca Cola, buy Bitcoin.

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Enough said!

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Mary confirmed for March 1st!!

WE'RE ON!! We can today confirm that the ‘Mary’ #Cardano protocol update is now fully confirmed for March 1st.Another key milestone in the #Goguen rollout, the update introduces native tokens & mu...
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Amazon Prime Privacy Lead endorses Hedera.

I agree. @hedera makes #decentralized, secure, & privacy-protected systems available for the masses. This is indeed the future and it’s exciting to be at the cusp of this #privacy renaissance. htt...
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XTZ +7.59% · · 6h

TezosNotifierBot February 2021 update

Tezos is growing, and our bot is growing with it. Therefore, we have prepared a big update that the community has been waiting for! We’ve added some more data to the delegate details. Now you can see…
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New news outlet

An online hub for news about the Algorand blockchain, and all things Algo.