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ONE -10.82% · · 14h

Mars Colony on Twitter — 100k CLNY burned

Attention everyone!❗️Just as we planned, we have burned 100k clny tokens from the treasury that was minted for initial liquidity at the start.🔥Full details with transaction hashes you can see there.�...
BCH 0% · · 9h

BCH Weekly News #64 (Jan 24, 2022)

#BitcoinCash (#BCH) Weekly News in English, Chinese, and Japanese Jan 24, 2022— Satoshi's Angels (@SatoshiAngels) January 24, 2022
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LUNA -3.03% · · 2h

A collection of TerraNews 2022/01/19–24

Friends… Hopefully, you’ve got control of the situation and are mostly unbothered. Moisturized. Happy. In Your Lane. Focused, and most importantly Flourishing. The Terra ecosystem continues to build…
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ETH -6.33% · · 1h

Latest Multichain vulnerability write-up

On Jan. 10 we made a major vulnerability disclosure to the Multichain project (formerly “AnySwap”). Multichain has made a public announcement that focuses on the impact on their clients and…