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NEO 0% · · 19h

I lost 30,000 USD on a NEO ICO...

'Ronaldinho Soccer Coin Project' is the tenth of former football national football team Brazil, he has played a big success in numerous club teams, including...
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BAT 0% · · 4h

Huge boost in Brave Publisher Signups 🚀

Brave publisher signups ascending vertically! 🚀 $BAT #BraveBrowser cc:@shitcoinprotips— Global Chain 🚀 (@global_chain) December 16, 2018
WAVES +0.86% · · 19h

WAVES now into the top 20!

$WAVES smashing up the competition on CMC! Now into the top 20! Sorry $DOGE and $MKR! Watch yo back $ZEC #WavesPlatform is coming for your spot! 😉🔷️🔥🚀— biggzi [HODL] (@b...
XMR 0% · · 22h

Ok Coinbase, Elon.......good day then

Starting today, all Coinbase customers in the U.S. can instantly withdraw Coinbase cash balances to PayPal for no fee. It's Day 5 of 12 Days of Coinbase. Learn more here: pic.t...
DAI 0% · · 15h

bitUSD Goes to Global Settlement

Interesting week for stablecoins. Recently BitShares bitUSD went into "global settlement," meaning that users can no longer borrow bitUSD from the chain, but they can convert it into collateral (BTS) ...
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EOS +3.91% · · 22h

Account whitelisting in EOS ZMQ plugin

As of yesterday, the ZMQ plugin for nodeos can be configured with whitelist options in order to limit the exported data to only accounts of interest. For example, When enabled, this option switches…
ARK 0% · · 16h

Introducing The Ark Herald News Website

Today we’re pleased to announce an idea that we’ve had for quite some time titled The Ark Herald. This will be a community lead initiative that will be released within the next week and will be…
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EOS +3.91% · · 2h

The Synergy between EOS and the EOS IO ecosphere.

Seeing how I did a video on daughter chains and sister chains in the past, I figured it was now time to go into more detail about the beneficial synergetic relationship between the EOS mainchain netwo...