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Cosmos $atom usecases

1/4$ATOM usecases. Some already here. Many coming 2021 to the Hub.⚛️ Network security (BFT #PoS)⚛️ Onchain governance voting rights⚛️ #Staking derivatives ⚛️ Shared security (Cross-Chain validation)⚛️...
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Mainnet Soft Launch!

Ethereum is at an unprecedented moment in its history — there has never been more usage, more excitement, or more value created. Last year, cumulative transaction fees surpassed Bitcoin, and today…
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Why PhutureDAO Is The Future of Crypto Indexing

We believe in the power of ‘why’. This piece answers some basic why’s and showcases the reasons PhutureDAO will lead in indexing the token economy. Emerging sectors within the crypto sphere are…
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5 Differences between Cosmos & Polkadot

There has been a lot of discussion about the differences between Cosmos and Polkadot, two projects focused on blockchain interoperability. If you are unfamiliar with the two projects, this tweetstorm…
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Urban Dictionary: larimered

to get cheated out of savings through another dishonest plan from a serial entrepeneur
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Regarding the 5 dash proposal fee

I wish to provide some facts and what I think are helpful approaches to a perceived problem. Concern/Problem: The 5 DASH fee for proposals may prevent...