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January 6, 2018
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$0.00323 1.54%
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Nexus - Building the infrastructure for a new monetary system using satellites and software to distribute digital currency. Decentralized Currency Project looking to distribute networks fairly worldwide via infrastructure such as cube satellites in space.

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Recent news
NXS +1.54% · · 5w

Pionex lists NXS

In this week, Pionex has listed 3 new coins, Everex(EVX), Nexus(NXS) and DigixDAO(DGD) Announcements with those projects on twitter:...
NXS +1.54% · · 15w

Nexus Wallet v2.0.0 Released

The official interface to Nexus. Contribute to Nexusoft/NexusInterface development by creating an account on GitHub.
NXS +1.54% · · 15w

Nexus Tritium Officially Released

“Nexus releases Tritium, a revolutionary register-based contract engine” November 5th, 2019: Nexus releases Tritium, the 7th activation since the network launched in 2014. This upgrade transforms the ...
NXS +1.54% · · 19w

Check out the new Nexus website

Developing open-source technology to support decentralization, innovative applications and responsible values.
NXS +1.54% · · 24w

Nexus Supply Chains ~ Creating Digital Ecosystems

Transparency is imperative to building meaningful relationships. With Nexus, the recording of information is naturally transparent. As such, through the use of the Supply API, interactions between man...
NXS +1.54% · · 25w

Nexus Newsletter August 2019

August was a month of debugging, testing, and hardening code. The security audit is now complete. The feedback was that the quality of the code was very high, well structured, and designed. Five vulne...
NXS +1.54% · · 32w

Nexus Quantum Resistance

We have developed an architecture called Signature Chains that enhances the security of existing DSA (Digital Signature Algorithm), by hashing a public key until it is used while changing keys with ev...
NXS +1.54% · · 32w

The Three Dimensional Chain (3DC) - Nexus Blockchain

Nexus is implementing an architecture that is a promising candidate to solving the ‘Blockchain Trilemma’, an opinion that only two of the three qualities, Security, Decentralization and Scalability, a...
NXS +1.54% · · 34w

Nexus Tritium Wallet Guide

Developing open-source technology to support decentralization, innovative applications and responsible values.