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Anyone Else Unable to Collect NANO with the WENANO app?

I live in California, and the international space station is either slightly above, or slightly below me. I can never collect the 1 nano a day from it. I was looking forward to making 30 nano a month
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January 2, 2018
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Eco-friendly alternatives to Bitcoin

Warning: All content in this article is meant to be informational only. I submit the same, based on my opinion and using my words, in addition to quotes from other articles, leaving the due credits at...
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Keyword Crypto Podcast- Can #Bitcoin Survive #Nano?

Listen to this episode from Keyword: Crypto on Spotify. WARNING!!!  LISTEN AT 2x SPEED!!!  Episode is boring as hell unless you're a masochist or love Nano which is roughly the same thing these last c...
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Experimental ledger pruning - V22

This is the initial, experimental implementation of pruning, related to #1094. Node ledger pruning is designed to safely discard parts of the ledger. Now ledger size can be reduced from 23.8 GB to 7.5...
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Work generation: Changes for consideration

After exploring a variety of approaches to help solve some issues including work credits, new block types and other schemes, we have some work generation changes for consideration. As not all of thes...