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January 7, 2018
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-$46.58 -35.97%

Monero (XMR) is a new privacy-centric cryptocurrency based on the CryptoNote protocol. Monero is competing directly with coins like Darkcoin, AnonCoin, and LibertyCoin in solving the problem of making digital cash transaction anonymous.CryptoNote features an entirely new code base and is not a fork ...

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XMR +4.47% · · 1d

Max Keiser knows what’s up.

As you know, the crypto space is filled with lots of coins and projects, and the financial ecosystem will only get bigger over time. Businesses have started to rebuild their ecosystems in order to mak...
XMR +4.47% · · 3d

Keybase support for Monero: please add your vote

Apologies if this is in the wrong repository. I will repost if directed. I would like to see support for a Monero address in the Keybase client. Monero is a private, fungible cryptocurrency that has b...
XMR +4.47% · · 4d

Revuo Issue 16

Revuo Monero is a weekly newsletter where you can find find the most recent Monero news.
XMR +4.47% · · 6d

Why these Bitcoin bulls are predicting take-off to $100k

Bitcoin price is already up around 70% over the past year but two Bitcoin bulls believe it's just the start of the next parabolic move up and this week they've gone public with more huge price predict...
XMR +4.47% · · 1w

Aussie financial commentator calls for Bitcoin ban

One of Australia’s leading financial and business commentators has called for Bitcoin and “its imitators” to be banned. Peter Switzer is an award winning journalist and broadcaster and the owner of fi...
XMR +4.47% · · 1w

Dutch article on Monero

De totale waarde van de Cryptocurrency markt blijft stijgen. Het wordt daarom steeds belangrijker om je munten veilig te bewaren. Monero! (XMR)
XMR +4.47% · · 1w

Community Workgroup Meeting: 6 July 17:00 UTC

Location Freenode | Mattermost | Slack | Irc2P Please test the relays shortly before using. If there are any issues, please use Freenode IRC directly. Please PM SGP on Reddit with your email for a Sla...
XMR +4.47% · · 1w

Blockchain to battle dodgy car dealers

The days of dodgy car dealers selling duds could be numbered, with one of the world’s biggest car sales websites today announcing the launch of a ‘know-your-vehicle’ blockchain platform to trace the h...