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Dear []( Community members, Under this thread, you can post any suggestion or idea you have for our platform, products, activities or any other aspect you think we need to...
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January 11, 2018
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Counterparty is the first cryptocurrency to utilise the Proof-of-Burn method where users "burn" or destroy bitcoin by sending it to an address where no one has the private keys. Proof of coin burning will be rewarded with the creation of the newly created Counterparty XCP coins.Counterparty is writt...

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Recent news
XCP +2.64% · · 19w

[ANN] Starting the Foundation Election 2019 voting period

The Counterparty Foundation is announcing the start of the 2-week long voting period for the election of five community directors. The voting will start on block 583,350 and end on block 585,350 Star...
XCP +2.64% · · 19w

[Q&A] Counterparty Foundation Election 2019 Q&A

The 2019 Counterparty Foundation nomination period has concluded and the 8 candidates running for a CP Foundation Community Directory seat are listed below Candidates Larry Shelton (@NooneSociety) R...
XCP +2.64% · · 36w

Counterparty Newsletter 05/02/2019

This month's update is full of exciting updates, as projects such as IndieSquare launch a new Lightning network supported wallet.
XCP +2.64% · · 45w

Counterparty-lib 9.56.0 released!

This release includes SegWit support on testnet (effective immediately) and on mainnet (effective from an activation block). This release also includes an
XCP +2.64% · · 47w

December Newsletter

Check out the December updates within the Counterparty Community!
XCP +2.64% · · 52w

Counterparty November Newsletter!!!

This month's Counterparty newsletter update is full of development and gaming additions updates among several ecosystem projects, check them out!
XCP +2.64% · · 60w

Counterparty's September Newsletter

It's been a progressive month as CIP development continues with help from developers in the Counterparty community. Alongside some other interesting updates from projects in the community, check out t...