Ampleforth AMPL

$0.91616 7,800 sat
$0.05553 6.48%
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Market Cap
$84.10M 6.48%
Day's range
$0.85633 - $0.98116
24h Vol
$2.40M -56.59%
52 Week Range
$0.34512 - $4.02
0.03% < 0.01%
Current Supply
Max Supply
All Time High
All Time High
ATH Date
July 12, 2020
% down from ATH
Days since ATH
1 day
$0.05553 6.48%
1 week
$0.10972 13.68%
1 month
-$0.00769 -0.84%
3 months
-$1.83 -66.71%
6 months
-$0.29403 -24.38%
1 year
$0.49837 120.53%
Recent news
AMPL +6.48% · · 4w

Ampleforth/usdc new balancer smart pool

Ampleforth, the dollar-pegged elastic supply asset, is joining with Balancer to help liquidity providers protect against losses unique to DeFi exchanges
AMPL +6.48% · · 5w

Ampleforth AMA from 10th September - Summary

Ampleforth runs a Bi-Weekly “office hours” session (AMA) on Discord in which we try to answer any questions put forward by AMPL holders. Today, office hours were held by Brandon Iles, founder of Ample...
AMPL +6.48% · · 7w

Ampleforth - New Wave

Introduction The Ampleforth token seems to have a real love/hate relationship with the general/crypto public. Being a highly experimental concept (token elasticity) you only have to scroll through the...
AMPL +6.48% · · 7w

Recap of Ampleforth Team Office Hours

On August 27th the Ampleforth Team was delighted to host office hours in our community Discord. The Ampleforth community is passionate and supportive, and the team had a great time interacting and ans...
AMPL +6.48% · · 8w

New Mooniswap Geysers

Ampleforth Geysers are smart faucets that incentivize on-chain liquidity. Users receive AMPL for providing liquidity on automated market making platforms (AMMs) like uniswap. The more liquidity you pr...
AMPL +6.48% · · 8w

Recent Price Action Affirms My AMPL Strategy

There Is Only One Way To  Trade AMPL In my recent article &quot;My Ampleforth Strategy!&quot;, I went into detail describing my strategy in regards to Ampleforth. Now, at the time of writing the artic...
AMPL +6.48% · · 9w

“Bug” found in 🍠 Contract

Yam Finance, the newest DeFi yield farming sensation, has a critical bug that will require an emergency community vote to correct.
AMPL +6.48% · · 9w

Ampleforth: The Future of Money?

The below article has been previously shared to our premium subscribers. What is Ampleforth? Ampleforth is a revolutionary cryptocurrency project which aims to build an adaptive base money powered by ...