ZCash to debut on CoinHub Sept. 20!

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Nine coins to debut on CoinHub Sept. 20

Crytocurrency apps on mobile are terrible and everyone knows it. That’s why when CoinHub announced they were releasing a professional grade quote app that comes with realtime news, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

Update: You can find more info on their site including their mailing list to be notified when the app is released. Also they have a Telegram channel.

It seems a lot of other people couldn’t either. CoinHub’s Sept. 20th launch is expected to bring on half a million to a million investors and for nine coins, that means great exposure.

Here are the nine coins:

Bitcoin — (BTC) This is obviously a must have.

Ethereum — (ETH) The distributed computing platform.

Ripple — (XPR) The currency that promises to making transferring funds between banks seamless has had quite a year.

Litecoin — (LTC) Very much based on Bitcoin but with far more transaction throughput.

Bitcoin Cash — (BCH) The controversial fork of Bitcoin. If you had BTC at the time, you probably have these as well. Hey, free money I guess.

NEO — (NEO) The Ethereum of China.

Monero — (XMR) Simply the best in anonymous transactions.

ZCASH — (ZEC) Another popular anonymous focused coin.

DASH — (DASH) Highly anonymous currency…but debatable in some cases.

All respectable currencies.