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Sapling on Zcash (ZEC) is Working, and it's a Big Deal

ZCash (ZEC) has just launched a long-awaited upgrade called Sapling — a project that was seen as a method of improving the usability of ZCash protocol.

Success! We’re happy to announce that the #Zcash Sapling network upgrade activated today at block height 419200. #Sapling introduces new #shielded addresses with significantly improved performance. Learn more: https://t.co/IGoqNdlz3N pic.twitter.com/6VpKcMteCa — Zcash Company (@zcashco) October 29, 2018

This is a big move for the privacy coin, and its community is thrilled by the fact that the upgrade seems to be working without any issues.

What is Sapling?

ZCash (ZEC) is a privacy coin that provides its users with the ability to make shielded transactions. It does this by utilizing a cryptographic technology called zk-SNARKS. Prior to the launch of a new upgrade, this technology was considered to be quite a large feat. However, it quickly became evident that private transactions shielded by zk-SNARKS are cumbersome, which disallows both, exchanges and users, from taking advantage of this technology’s full potential.

Yesterday, October 29, the Sapling Protocol has finally been released. The protocol was originally conceptualized back in 2016. It was promising to change private ZEC transactions in a way that will make them lighter and faster while allowing them to remain shielded. It was activated at block 419200.

According to ZCash website, Sapling will bring several improvements, such as better performance for shielded addresses, where new Z-addresses can be created within seconds. In addition to this, the protocol will allow the hardware responsible for constructing the zero-knowledge proof to become independent from the hardware responsible for signing transactions. Finally, owners of shielded addresses will have improved keys which will allow them to view all transaction details without having to expose the private spending key.

Sapling’s primary purpose is the improvem...

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