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ProgPOW (ASIC resistant Algo) approved for Grant by Zcash Foundation


We propose an alternate proof-of-work algorithm - “ProgPoW” - tuned for commodity hardware in order to close the efficiency gap available to specialized ASICs.

The security of proof-of-work is built on a fair, randomized lottery where miners with similar resources have a similar chance of generating the next block.

For Zcash - a community based on widely distributed commodity hardware - specialized ASICs enable certain participants to gain a much greater chance of generating the next block and undermine the distributed security.

ASIC-resistance is a misunderstood problem. FPGAs, GPUs and CPUs can themselves be considered ASICs. Any algorithm that executes on a commodity ASIC can have a specialized ASIC made for it; most existing algorithms provide opportunities that reduce power usage and cost. Thus, the proper question to ask when solving ASIC-resistance is “how much more efficient will a specialized ASIC be, in comparison with commodity hardware?”

This proposal presents an algorithm that is tuned for commodity GPUs where there is minimal opportunity for ASIC specialization. This prevents specialized ASICs without resorting to a game of whack-a-mole where the network changes algorithms every few months.


Since proof-of-work will continue to underpin the security of the Zcash network, it is important that this consensus isn’t dominated by a single party in control of a large portion of the compute power. The existence of the Z9 ASIC miner proves that the current Equihash algorithm allows significant efficiency gains from specialized hardware. The ~150mb of state in Equihash is large but possible on an ASIC. Furthermore, the binning, sorting, and comparing of bit strings could be implemented on an ASIC at extremely high speed.

Thus, a new hash algorithm is needed to replace the current Equihash. This algorithm must be permanently resistant to domination by specialized hardware and ...

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