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How to start mining on Windows

Did you hear that mining ZCash was easy and wanted to know more?

In this article, I will list the different options that you can use to mine ZCash from your very own PC. In case you need to know more about this cryptocurrency, please read my beginners guide to ZCash.

Getting started with ZCash mining is not very difficult. It is probably one of the easiest cryptocurrencies to mine. You don’t even need to download the entire blockchain to your hard drive. Additionally, you can mine directly to a hardware wallet such as a Ledger Nano S. While you can also mine to your wallet in an exchange, I would not recommend doing that.

If you like to watch a video to get started with mining ZCash with your Nvidia GPU, see below.

Choosing the GPU hardware

Once you have decided to start Zcash mining, the first question you may ask is what hardware is the best for the task. Because there are many improvements in software and hardware happening all the time, this question is not easily answered. Mining can be performed in two main ways:

CPU mining: using your computer’s Computer Processing Unit GPU mining: using a computer with one or several Graphical Processing Units

In the past, you could effectively mine Zcash (ZEC) by using just a CPU. However, advancements in software give now GPUs a huge advantage over CPUs. For this reason, today all of the serious miners use GPU rigs. There are two categories of GPU miners:

AMD brand GPUs Nvidia Brand GPUs AMD GPU

You need to choose a GPU card that provides you the best combination of price-to-performance-to-power consumption among the various GPU selection options available on the market. If you are familiar with mining cryptocurrencies you might already know that, for Ethereum mining purposes on Ethash Algo, AMD cards can outperform Nvidia cards. However, when it comes to the Equihash algorithm, that ZCash uses, using the E...

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