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I Want to Buy Beer with my XRP!

I’m a big fan of craft beers, and beer from Belgium.

I’m a easy mark for their advertising – I visualize Trappist monks wearing brown robes, painstakingly brewing their brands in large wooden barrels in a old brick building in the mountains.  I know very well that’s not how they probably do it, but I think the beer tastes better if I picture them in their cloistered monastery!

And now we get to the payment portion of that transaction.  In this fictional scenario, I’ve hauled my craft beer up to the worn counter of the municipal liquor store; the cashier asks for payment.

I choose to pay… with XRP!

I swipe my phone (iPhone or Android, take your pick) over the reader, and I send the XRP to the store, in the denomination that they prefer; it will automatically convert to USD or CAD, (or whatever) and be deposited within their account.  Perhaps they take Bitcoin.  It could convert my XRP into that crypto-currency as well!

We Need XRP to Invade Retail

Yes, I know about the use case for cross-border payments.  I’m well aware that Ripple – the company – is targeting the banks and financial institutions.  This is not a blog that asks them to do anything different; in fact, their focus should remain squarely on the banks that do cross-border transfers of value.  We are all well-versed with the fact that cross-border payments will drive the utility of XRP into the billions or trillions almost immediately. 1

Ripple (the company) is fine continuing on their present course!

I don’t want Ripple to be distracted from doing what they do best – integrating with banks and financial institutions!  What I’m talking about is a call to arms for the rest of us – for those of us that are fans of XRP, and who have invested in the crypto-currency.   We now have these stacks of XRP that we’re saving or accumulating, and we are patiently waiting for some of the higher-frequency use cases to make their volume felt on the XRP Led...

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