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A pretty in-depth tutorial for first timers that want to buy Ripple

How to buy Ripple for first timers

Buying an alt coin like Ripple can be a little more difficult as it’s not as easily available as coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum. As Ripple continues to rapidly grow, it will become easier and easier to purchase. But for now, here’s the way I’ve purchased Ripple. Feel free to skip steps if you have already done them!

First start by creating a free account with CoinBase.com. They are one of the largest digital currency exchanges and are secure and credible. They also own Gdax.com which is a huge market that allows users to buy and sell currency without fees. In order to transfer money from your Bank or Credit Card you will need to get verified. This usually involves sending them a picture of your driver’s license as well as phone and email verification. This part can usually seem sketchy for people new to Digital Currency, but it’s a common practice throughout the markets. Once you are verified you will then want to go to Gdax.com. As mentioned before, CoinBase.com owns this exchange market so you will use the same login. This is where you will be purchasing Bitcoin, which is needed in order to buy Ripple. Once you log into Gdax.com make sure the market you are looking at is the “Bitcoin” one. If it’s not, click the drop down arrow next to the type of currency (see red line below). There are currently three markets, BTC, ETH, and LTC. We are focused on BTC (Bitcoin) right now. Once you are looking at the Bitcoin market, look down a little bit to see a button that says, “Deposit”. This is where you will put in your bank information to deposit money into your CoinBase/GDAX account (remember, they are the same company so you can always switch money between them). Click on the tab that says “Bank Account” or you can do “Bank Wire” if you know how to do that. By using the “Bank Account” option you will get your money within a few days and there are no feeds. Fill out your bank information, and once it’s add...
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