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Beta Bug Bounty - up to 5000 wings per bug

The WINGS Bug Bounty Program Help and earn rewards up to 5000 WINGS Calling all security specialists

We are about to finally launch the mainnet version of WINGS and need your peering eyes combing through the code and finding anything that us and our auditing partners might have missed.

The bounty reward is up to 1000 WINGS for issues requiring beta re-deploy, and up to 5000 WINGS for critical issues, all payable in WINGS tokens.

500 WINGS: For any severe bugs that don’t require contracts redeploy 1,000 WINGS: Any bugs leading to stopping using the current contracts and having to redeploy the new version to the testnet 2,500 WINGS reward for bugs allowing any first party to break into their own fundsExample: WINGS tokens owner can transfer the forecast tokens despite them being locked 5,000 WINGS reward for bugs allowing any 3rd party to access fundsExample: Anyone can transfer the WINGS tokens in the contract

We follow the bounty rules established by Ethereum Foundation:, such as first come, first serve; any reports submitted by others or already known to the team will not be rewarded.

Testnet site

The testnet is accessible on the following address:

Bounty scope

Actual financial losses issues:

Impossibility of closing a forecast and getting the locked Wings back Impossibility of getting deposited Wings during project creation back Incorrect calculations of the Ethereum transaction fees

Calculations issues:

Incorrect calculation and distribution of rewards Wrong distribution of project deposit fee (in case of project rejection or cancellation) Wrong calculation of FR

Flow issues:

Security issues:

Vulnerabilities (for example: XSS attack)

Other issues

Back-end/front-end related issues: Incorrect responses from the API

Any other issue that might prevent the correct platform use

Note that some ac...

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