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Nine days in Sydney: An Update on Incent Loyalty

Nine days in Sydney: an update on Incent

Reflections on my recent trip to the home of Incent Loyalty, an unexpectedly pleasant experience at a big tech event, and the future of money.

I’ve been involved in the Incent Loyalty project for almost as long as I’ve been involved in crypto. A little over four years ago I started writing content for Bitscan, an early crypto project focused on merchant adoption. One thing led to another, in the way it tends to, and along the way my remit broadened and I started kicking around ideas with CEO Rob Wilson for a reward currency that would help businesses get ahead as well as putting crypto in the hands of everyday consumers.

Almost two years ago I met Rob for the first time in London, and we finally pinned down the right economic model and what a crypto loyalty currency would look like in practice, the core blockchain tech it would use (Waves), and what would be involved in a token sale. The token was duly crowdfunded and distributed at the end of 2016, work started in earnest and the company has grown from little more than two people in a shared office to a thriving fintech business.

This was my third trip over to Australia in the last 18 months, each of which has been under very different circumstances and at very different points in Incent’s development. As we’ve tried to do before, Cyrille came over at the same time and we got to hang out with the Wilsons and enjoy life and the odd beverage, as well as spend some time at the office and get up to speed on everything that’s been going on. Rob and Tara once again made us very welcome in their home, as did Bert the dog. (Bert has gained both weight and bad habits in the last few months — the two being not unconnected — but he was particularly pleased to see Cyrille again.)

Bert, ready to rock it at his first tech event

Incent Ltd

Last time I was over in Aus, Incent was still renting space in the Tyro start-up hub. Matt and Nadia h...

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