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Development Update : July 2017

These are our current betting contracts, as verified on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Click a link below. There you will see that the code deployed matches the betting (contract) address.

You will also see the full source code, and .abi, for your verification.

5% 0x4e646A576917a6A47D5B0896c3E207693870869D

10% 0xE8A51bE86ad96447D45DDEdDc55013f25157688c

25% 0xe642B6f79041C60d8447679B3a499F18D8B03b81

40% 0x1E2Fbe6BE9Eb39Fc894d38be976111F332172d83

50% 0xdd98b423dc61A756e1070De151b1485425505954

75% 0x49fDdEae0b521dAb8d0c4b77E7161094F971320D

90% 0x7DA90089A73edD14c75B0C827cb54f4248D47eCc

These are old betting addresses (contracts).

For whatever reason, they are no longer deployed or active. We had to update them.

If you were invested in them you were already divested, automatically, when they were closed.

So, you will have to re-invest in one of the new contracts, as shown on our site, under "Bets" tab.

10% 0x83Cfd2d33bb9ED552A1E4B6AF1bc3ea73BdEE4f0

10% 0xc76e765aa9D5cc462C17F8860fEd3cdaB37ADFe6

10% 0x78F6A1d4b94d2e6c4cE3c5CC858b9dfB6e98B50f

10% 0x4B92a948Ced9D457b4655aBf62ed930a090f8566

10% 0xEB927A56588D17d551E72ef0a2bE460A4dDB7060

10% 0xC3b643bb85318B6a0e1B46c30365AdAcDF9469C2

25% 0x108284702b23504DE29D3293f2530255C6b3CCeA

25% 0xb95Dd00B76c15B11Ae82e875e9719029Cd4d2110

25% 0xa341d53e64198cba938465236d1b3d9a929e0732

25% 0x09D4b4014Db27DdFb...

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