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December Development Update

December Development Update and End of Year Roundup

The below represents the December development roundup for 2017. This will serve as a recap of 2017 and direction for Q1 2018. We’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone all the best for the end of year holiday period.


This year, 2017, saw the release of the 1st decentralized application for the vDapps section. That game is vSlots. A fully decentralized slot machine was the vision, processing bets directly on the Ethereum blockchain. That dream is realized in its earliest iteration, on the main network.

Blockchains are good for censorship resistance and transparency. It is the intention of the vDice brand to leverage those inherent strengths.

When faced when any number of engineering and implementation choices, vDice will always go with those that favor decentralization.

The response to the beta release of vSlots has been strong. There has been a lot of feedback. We continue to improve the game and its user experience, according to that feedback.

The 0.2 release of vSlots is due in early 2018 and will have the following:

Fixes to small UI implementation bugs in some browsers. Solidity update: Blockchain re-orgs won’t cause the callback to fail completely and waste all gas. Allow attempted resend of the callback tx once the calling tx has been included in the new longest chain. If the proof verification fails for any reasons, the user is refunded. Redeploying the LedgerRandomProofVerifier with small fix of the verification of the randomDS proof included in the ethereumAPI.

The next game scheduled for release is vBinary. This is scheduled for beta release, on the main network, in the first half of 2018. The specific date will be announced as the development unfolds.

Development Speed and Security

Developing secure solidity code for the main network is difficult. This year alone we have seen two large, critical hacks in the...

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