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Vialectrum 3.1 is live! It adds several new features + fixes VialectrumX server issues.

Release 3.1 - (March 14, 2018) Memory-pool based fee estimation. Dynamic fees can target a desired depth in the memory pool. This feature is optional, and ETA-based estimates from Viacoin Core are still available. Note that miners could exploit this feature, if they conspired and filled the memory pool with expensive transactions that never get mined. However, since the Electrum client already trusts an Electrum server with fee estimates, activating this feature does not introduce any new vulnerability. In addition, the client uses a hard threshold to protect itself from servers sending excessive fee estimates. In practice, ETA-based estimates have resulted in sticky fees, and caused many users to overpay for transactions. Advanced users tend to visit (and trust) websites that display memory-pool data in order to set their fees. Capital gains: For each outgoing transaction, the difference between the acquisition and liquidation prices of outgoing coins is displayed in the wallet history. By default, historical exchange rates are used to compute acquisition and liquidation prices. These values can also be entered manually, in order to match the actual price realized by the user. The order of liquidation of coins is the natural order defined by the blockchain; this results in capital gain values that are invariant to changes in the set of addresses that are in the wallet. Any other ordering strategy (such as FIFO, LIFO) would result in capital gain values that depend on the presence of other addresses in the wallet. Local transactions: Transactions can be saved in the wallet without being broadcast. The inputs of local transactions are considered as spent, and their change outputs can be re-used in subsequent transactions. This can be combined with cold storage, in order to create several transactions before br...
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