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Vulcan NFT Marketplace to launch with 10 exclusive NFTs from various VeChain artists and dApps

VeriArti to kick off Vulcan Marketplace with exclusive NFTs

Vulcan marketplace to open with work from artists and dApps by VeChain Brothers

For the past week, Vulcan Forged, the NFT marketplace where you can view, transfer, buy or sell your VeChain NFTs, has been running behind closed doors.

If you haven’t checked out the first video tutorials on Vulcan by the CEO, you can find them here and here.

On August 6th 2pm GMT, Vulcan Marketplace BETA will open to the public with 10 carefully chosen NFTs by VeriArti to help kick things off. The selected items are from some of the prolific artists representing VeChain Thor on Twitter as well as the much coveted Lil Sunny Lead Baby card from Block Babies.

You will need Comet to access the marketplace and links will be shared on August 6th at or

You can also join us our Telegram here.

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