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OceanEx Pilot Whale Insight 3.0

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Mar 25

Dear community members,

Some very busy weeks have passed. The Amsterdam meetup, which I will write about in another article, was a big succes. Some big changes in personal life and a lot of work on many others things prevented me from really putting the time and effort in writings. It’s really awesome to see how others catch up! Thanks for that, you are all so valuable! Keep it up!

This OPW insight will be dedicated to a Pilot Whale who is always working hard to maintain the positives. He is our inside dietitian and doctor (sleep insomnia expert😊).

Lots of respect to you, OPW Fruchtzerg!

Who are you?

“ My name is Fruchtzerg or just Zerg. I am an OceanEx Pilot Whale since December 2018. I am currently obtaining my Dr.(PhD)in a field of medicines. Altough this is kinda far away from crypto (yet), I was always interested in technology, videogames, E-sports and so on.Within our group of OPW I would describe myself as a person who always tries to motivate others, maintaining the positives and solve problems in a fast and directive way.”

When did you join the world of crypto?

“Like many others, My interests in crypto started in 2017. I saw it going up and down. At the start I was actually overwhelmed by the number of different coins/tokens. There was so much more than only bitcoin! That was the moment my research begun. After some nights of reading ( not Richie style😂), I started to find out about VeChain. I really liked the approach of controlling the food supply chain through blockchain. VeChain is so much more but this was the reason they caught my attention at first.”

How did you get involved in OceanEx?

“After my research on Vechain, It became clear that VeChain would also have an ecosystem token platform. OceanEx was announced. It is within my personality, when I like and idea and believe in its future, I w...

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