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Today In The Media: “TRON Foundation And Charitable Trust”

What is Charity Compassion Coin CCC?

Charity Compassion Coin (CCC) is a registered charity founded by Kin Kendall. A traveller and family man, Kin through his youth travelled to various different regions within the world and witnessed first hand and from distances the suffering world. Although helping first hand individually is a great and kind effort, many times one helping hand needs an entire community to join. While Kin helped for example teaching English and Math through different periods and places in life to youth school children in his teenage years, it still took the efforts of the community of teachers to help teach him Spanish as well. So a community cannot function if it doesn’t understand and transact together in teaching trades.

This is where Kin sees the financial trust and tangible ability of large charities around the world at times lacking. As a grey area of where funds are really going when said to be allocated to helping ease the suffering world. But with examples of people running the charities, making more income revenue than the entire community that isn’t being funded enough to succeed its ease of suffering and needs towards a stronger community, this is where transactions of trust falls apart.

With research into the philosophy of blockhain technology Kin saw that people whom lose trust in charitable giving, can now control the trust of charitable giving through Charity Compassion Coin. Kin founded and coded the concept and cryptocurrency CCC into Ethereum’s blockchain network. Yet the struggling ETH and EVM with very slow transactions and heightening transaction fees caused any progress to halt until now.

Often times as well, so many scams and projects are misaligning the cryptocurrency and blockchain community and adoption by the general public. People starting ICOs and then disappearing with all of the capital raised. Pyramid schemes with black market histories of certain other cryptocurrencies and bitc...

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