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How to Create and Open a Tron Wallet

For this we will use the Tron approved website


This is the opening screen you will find. First you need to select the “Open Wallet” tab in the top right hand corner of the page. then select “Create Wallet”.

Next you will come to this screen where you will have to create a password to use to access your wallet on Tronscan. Make sure it is a strong password and KEEP IT SAFE AND DON’T LOSE IT!!! after that hit next.

Then you will come to this screen where you can download your “Keystore File” which is a long string of characters that gives you access to your wallet. DO NOT LOSE IT!!! KEEP IT SAFE AND SAVE IT AS A .txt document. then select next.

Next you will be given your private key. yet again, DO NOT LOSE IT!!! If you lose it you will not have access to your wallet or funds. So print the paper wallet and store it in copies in safe places just in case. then hit next


Opening your wallet from scratch:


Now when you go to you can select “Open Wallet” in the top right hand corner again and then select “Select File” under “Keystore File”.

It will prompt you to find the .txt document with your Keystore File which I happened to title “MyTronKeystoreFile”. Then select “Open”.

Next you will have to enter the password you made and then hit “Ok”

You have unlocked your wallet. Good Job now you can view your account, send and receive tokens on Tron Network. Beware if you do not have bandwidth it will cost trx to send tokens. To get bandwidth you must “freeze” trx tokens just like you stake tokens on EOS. You can freeze tokens on tronscan to get “Tron Power” and you will accrue bandwidth. When you freeze tokens they stay inaccessible for three days and after that period you may unfreeze them if you like, but you will lose your tron power and not gain bandwidt...

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