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Theta Protocol in Smart TVs — the next step in global video and data delivery

Theta Protocol in Smart TVs — the next step in global video and data delivery

We’ve put a lot of thought into how to navigate our way towards onboarding a critical volume of nodes contributing in the Theta Network to power all types of data delivery, starting from video data first, and eventually expanding into general data types. A key focus has been the fast-growing Smart TV market from leading manufacturers like Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Sony, Hisense, TCL, Panasonic, Visio, and others.

Smart TVs, internet-enabled TVs that offer a variety of streaming services and other apps, have become the dominant type of new TV sales. Smart TVs represented 67% of all TVs sold in 2018, totaling 157M TVs in all. These TVs run on operating systems like, in order of current market share, Tizen (Samsung), Android, webOS (LG), RokuOS, and FireTV (Amazon).

Over 150 million Americans used connected TVs as of 2016, a number which is expected to increase to nearly 200 million by 2021 and in the majority of households. For the Theta protocol to achieve mass adoption, it’s critical that Theta can simply and effectively integrate with major Smart TVs and their apps. To that end, our first Theta integration with Smart TVs focuses on TVs running on Android and Samsung’s Tizen operating system.

To give a quick glimpse into what we’ve done in terms of integration, we made a number of low-level protocol modifications to our Android Mobile SDK to port Theta to operate on Android TV OS and soon on Samsung Tizen. In the video, we show our test area and a number of TVs and TV set top boxes running Theta on a stream. The outputted logs provide some insight into the processing that happens on the device, allowing it to be a functioning node in the Theta Network. Testing with actual hardware from our partners we work with allows us to shift away from hypothetical scenarios and demonstrate actual working results. We’re able to go from saying The...

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