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THETA · 77w and Theta Network partner with Brave browser and the Theta Network – who are aiming to revolutionise content streaming through tokenised bandwidth sharing – have officially partnered with the Brave browser.

The partnership was announced in a Medium blog post by parent company Theta Labs. is a blockchain-powered online streaming platform while Theta is its native token.’s unique model revolves around viewers opting to share bandwidth in return for rewards. Viewers earn Theta Fuel while watching online streams, and if they opt in, Theta will use their excess upload bandwidth to share the stream with other viewers.

The Brave browser is an open source web browser – endorsed by the co-founder of Wikipedia, Larry Sanger – and was created by Brandon Eich, who also helped create Mozilla Firefox and the JavaScript programming language.

Brave seeks to give users power over which advertisements they see and remove any third-party ads that could be construed as intrusive, while also removing third-party trackers.

Users opt in to see certain ads by publishers that have been ‘verified’ by Brave. One such example is, which is a verified Brave publisher.

The partnership between, Theta, and Brave will see Theta become a verified publisher on the Brave browser, while Brave will become a sponsor on with advertisements appearing alongside its top streamers.

In ‘phase one’ of the partnership, there will be a joint marketing campaign in which ads for the Brave browser will start appearing on while ads for Sliver and Theta will appear on the Brave browser for those who opt in to Brave Rewards.

“This is a great acquisition opportunity for both projects,” the announcement reads.

“When a Brave user gets a notification to ‘tune into and earn TFUEL for replaying streams’, we know it’s going to a user who is already familiar with blockchain technology, and is an ideal person to introduce to the...

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