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Band meeting! Week ending 6 July 2014!

Band meeting!

Here’s a quick update on happenings for the week ending 2014/04/06.

- Cryptorush, the exchange that handled FUNK, seems to have our coin stuck in “maintenance”: I’ve mailed them, but they don’t seem to respond.

- We have some other exchanges (“venues”) in mind: & Remember to vote!

- We have new songs out! Soundposition added his usual dose of electronica. Gevelot added some prog rock to the mix. Cheers guys!

- We’ve been discussing the Timewarp exploit on the KGW on IRC [whether it is such a bad exploit as they say it is]. Any opinions are welcome: or

- I’ve been busy on the Android wallet, and getting a DNS seed up online. It’s been slow. Running into really non-descript errors. If you want to help with that, please do: <- code.

- n00bnoxious put up a new blockexplorer: Thanks nox! Next beer is yours.

- Our hashrate seems to have stabilised around 4-5 MH. #strugglingband. Remember to spread the word!

- Florian, our bandmember who helped build out the p2pool node infrastructure got a new job that takes some time to get used to. Give him a virtual high-five.

- Soundposition has been thinking of sites that we can use to stream online gigs. Give us thoughts about which one can work.

Things planned for the week:

- Getting that DNS seed node online.

- Figuring out whether we need to hardfork for the TW exploit.

- More music. More is coming.

- Vote!

- Start design on a flyer we can hand out at the upcoming European music festivals. neuromode has been adamant about this. I think it’s im...

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