Is Dogami the Next Pet Simulation Craze

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Is Dogami the Next Pet Simulation Craze?

Pet simulation games have a long history of success ever since the launch of the Tamagotchi in the late 1990’s by Bandai. Is Dogami the next great pet simulation craze?

Digital pets were one of the first applications of NFTs with Crypto Kitties back in 2017. Where blockchain technology and NFTs may have a bad reputation in some people’s minds, NFT games where players take care of pets evoke a very positive and friendly perception of the technology.

What is Dogami?

Dogami is a pet simulation game that utilizes NFTs to represent creatures in the game called “doga.” These doga are digital dogs with a variety of breeds inspired by the real world.

In the early game of Dogami, players will be able to bond with their pets mostly through augmented reality minigames. The more affection a doga develops for its owner, the better it will be at gathering tokenized resources including the $DOGA token. In addition, happier doga will be more likely to win in competitive PvP games and events later in their lifecycle.

During a specific and limited time of the NFT doga’s lifecycle, they can breed to create new doga. This process burns resource tokens and enables the owner to add new NFTs to their collection.

Dogami Gameplay and Doga Lifecycle

Although the game of Dogami is not yet playable, there is some information about how the gameplay will work.

Doga will have three life phases.

The first phase is the doga’s childhood where it grows up and learns tricks. This phase features “hyper-casual single player gameplay” with a lot of augmented reality.

In phase two, the doga reaches adulthood and is ready for breeding and competing. Doga will have access to career paths inspired by real life dog activities and can even participate in the ultimate competitive event of the petaverse: The annual Dogami Olympics!

The third and final phase is the spirit phase. While this is technically the end of the doga’s lifecycle, doga never truly die as the pet and its associated NFT are always a part of your collection.

Spirit doga can be sent to the Dogami dojo to assist the training of younger doga. The details of this process are not yet revealed, but it seems possible that this will be a way to stake doga NFTs after the end of their competitive lifespan.

What is the Roadmap for Dogami?

At the time of this writing, the next big step for Dogami is the release of a playable game prototype. This is scheduled for “Q2 2022” in the roadmap which can be found in the official Dogami discord.

DeFi features including staking are also scheduled for Q2.

Following this, the rest of 2022 is slated to have the “release of Dogami mobile games” as well as the “deployment of the Petaverse” and the “Petaverse real estate agency.” The Petaverse is dogami’s metaverse where players can purchase land for their doga to live on, but not many details have been revealed about this part of the project.

Who is the Team for Dogami?

The Dogami team is strong, with several important areas of expertise.

CEO Max Stoeckl previously worked his way up at Boston Consulting Group as an intern, associate, and finally as a consultant. BCG focuses on business strategy for organizations that are trying to tackle the world’s most important problems.

COO Adrien Magdelaine co-founded the website Wamiz, a site featuring content and news about pets for pet owners, in 2009. The company has since sold to Nestle.

CTO Bilal el Alamy spent the years 2018–2021 working with several companies, especially as co-founder and chairman of Equisafe, to architect decentralized financial services. He brings significant tokenomics experience to Dogami.

CBO (Chief Brand Officer) Kristofer Dayne Penseyres worked as Global Head of Brand & Strategic Partnerships at luxury tech brand Hadoro Paris. He has also contributed content around economics and cultural trends to Ocean Blue Magazine.

What are the Details of $DOGA?

Taken from the official Dogami white paper, here is the token allocation by percentage.

Private Sale: 15%

Strategic Investors: 4.5% (1 year lockup)

Advisors & Partners: 3.4% (6 month lockup)

Founders: 10.6% (1 year lockup)

Staking Rewards: 16% (1 month lockup)

Play-to-earn: 24% (3 month lockup)

Ecosystem, Liquidity & Development Reserve: 19.5%

Airdrop & Promotion: 7%

The white paper indicates three uses for the $DOGA token, which is issued on Tezos by the FA1.2 token standard.

The first use is as a digital voucher, or currency, to buy and sell NFTs in the game. This will be used for doga themselves as well as accessories and consumables. In the future, we might expect more ways to spend $DOGA such as burning it for a fee when entering tournaments.

The second use is governance. $DOGA will give holders the ability to propose ideas and vote on others’ proposals during DAO governance meetings. This is only for game design ideas and does not give any influence over the operations of the company.

The third and final use of $DOGA is staking. Staking is a natural way to reward people who choose to HODL rather than sell the $DOGA token.


Dogami’s mission to reach ultra-casual gamers with a cute pet simulation game is a huge value add for the Tezos blockchain. Tamagotchi came out in the late 90s, and Nintendogs came out in the mid-2000’s. Could Dogami be the next pet simulation craze?