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How to identify if a Tezos Delegate is Over-Delegated from TZScan data

Check the live sheet for current data. How Much Income does Tezos Pay and How to Earn Baking Income

Update 10 July 2018: How to identify if a Tezos Delegate is Over-Delegated from TZScan data.

Go to Delegation Services on TZScan. Click on the link for the Tz1 address of the Delegate Baking Capacity (a.k.a. Bond Coverage)= 12.12 x “Balance”. [Because a security deposit or bond of 8.25% of Baking volume is required. 1/0.0825 = 12.12] If “Staking Balance”> Baking Capacity then Over-Delegated

Example: Tezos Community

Tz1: tzscan.io/tz1TDSmoZXwVevLTEvKCTHWpomG76oC9S2fJ

Baking Capacity = 12.12 x Balance of 231,820 = 2,809,658 XTZ

The Staking Balance of 6,658,875 is greater than the Baking Capacity so, Houston, we have a problem. Tezos Community have made a statement how they are solving the over-delegation problem.

Where Can I Buy Tezos?

The only place you can buy Tezos is at Gate Exchange. Buy Tezos at Gate Exchange. Do not buy at HitBTC — these are Tezos IOUs, not genuine Tezos. You can withdraw your Tezos from Gate and stake them to earn income immediately. That is not true for purchases at HitBTC.

Why Buy Tezos?

We are 6 months into the bear market of 2018 and a basic problem with cryptoassets in revealed: they do not pay an income in the same way as traditional assets like real estate, equities and bonds. This is anathema to conventional investors. It was not a problem in 2017 when prices were rising and investors could sell off slices of their portfolio to obtain income. But it is now.

Looking at the Top 20 there are four coins that pay an income: DASH, NEO, BNB and Tezos. DASH pays it to owners of masternodes but you need 1,000 DASH for a masternode which costs $240,000. Owners of NEO receive GAS for each block processed. BNB owners are entitled to a 20% share of Binance profits but they receive that indirectly in the form of Quarterly BNB buy-backs, not as straight income. And Tezos: with i...

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