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Chainlink & USD Tez (USDtz) Announce Tezos DeFi Strategic Collaboration

Chainlink and USD Tez (USDtz) Announce Tezos DeFi Strategic Collaboration

Bringing decentralized oracle networks to an entire ecosystem of TzFi dApps and Tezos stablecoins

Following the announcement that Chainlink oracles are coming to the Tezos ecosystem, Chainlink and The USD Tez Project announce a strategic collaboration to help support a large collection of DeFi instruments on Tezos. Chainlink’s secure and reliable oracles will be integrated into the USD Tez (USDtz) smart-contract, along with an entire network of Tezos stablecoins, all built on the Tezos community-supported FA token standard.

Chainlink and USD Tez (USDtz) Announce Tezos DeFi Strategic Collaboration

Chainlink oracles will provide the reserve with reliable market data on the price of XTZ/USD and USD/XTZ, as well as the prices of other future StableTez (Tezos Stablecoin) assets. Chainlink’s Price Reference Data Contract model provides a proven oracle solution that can serve as the blueprint for launching secure and reliable price feeds on Tezos. Chainlink will also provide these Tezos-based smart-contracts with an ability to read collateral values from smart-contracts hosted across other blockchains.

Moreover, Chainlink price oracles are expected to enhance other forthcoming projects that complement StableTez, including a decentralized lending platform called Tezos Finance or TezFin (Tezos.Finance) as well as a decentralized exchange platform dubbed TEZEX (tezex.io) expected to launch by late-2020. TEZEX can enable a liquidity-rich oasis for Tezos-token traders to make super gas-efficient transfers, and leverage the formal verification abilities of the Tezos blockchain.

About USDtz

USD Tez (USDtz) is an open-source stablecoin project built on the Tezos blockchain. The USDtz stablecoin is expected to establish liquidity for Tezos trading, Tezos DeFi dApp development, and much more. USD Tez is designed to provide, among other benefits, Tezos traders with a native ...

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