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Amazing article on Tezos. Read or watch the YouTube Vid. What do you guys think of the security token space (banks have estimated it to be a 130 T$ market by 2030...

A riveting discussion between Chris MacDonald, a crypto-focused contributor, Editor Eric Bleeker, and The Motley Fool's Lead Crypto Advisor Bernd Schmid on Tezos (CRYPTO:XTZ) provides some highlights as to why crypto investors may want to consider this security token play. This clip was recorded on Nov. 4 from "The Crypto Show" on Backstage Pass. 

Eric Bleeker: Let's just get right into these three. The first we have is Tezos.

It is a market cap of 5.4 billion, which makes it the 39th largest crypto. I remember when it raised its ICO, it was big news. It was one of the largest at the time. It was 232 million, and it's claim to fame as a self amending blockchain, which I think question number 1 for most viewers out there Bernd, what does that mean and why is this exciting?

Bernd Schmid: Yeah. It's really difficult to wrap your head around this if you're new to the space and just learning. Even I myself have been reading about this space intensive since two years and I'm still learning every day and a bit relaxed after that I already forgot.

In this case, so how does a blockchain work? A blockchain normally is not founded by company and run by a company and making decisions and trying to improve the products, the blockchain technology behind it. But it's normally a community which runs this network, there are different notes which are running the software.

We could call off of the blockchain, and at times you want to upgrade the software. In Ethereum (CRYPTO:ETH) for example, this is the big one that is happening from Ethereum 1.0-2.0, which might happen next year, is where they're switching from currently proof-of work algorithm to proof-of-stake algorithm.

In this case I'm not even sure if it's called The Hartford, but typically, if you want to make sense upgrades, what you do is you define what the upgrade is supposed to be and then all the people running these n...

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