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Five new USDT trading pairs on Kraken on Dec. 19!

Kraken is updating the trading pairs it offers for existing tokens. We are going to be adding 10 new pairs and disabling 5 existing pairs on Thursday, December 19th.

What pairs are you adding?


I do not see any new tokens – is that correct?

Yes. Although we continue to add new tokens to our platform, today we are only broadening the trading pairs we offer for currently listed tokens.

Why are you adding these new pairs?

These new pairs are being added due to growing customer demand and confidence in our ability to provide deep and liquid markets for each of them. 

What pairs are you disabling?


Why are you disabling them?

They are being disabled due to low trading volumes. 

I need to feed this information into my trading software – what are the relevant details (price precision, fee schedule, trading minimums)?

See below. 

Please note that the USDT/EUR, CAD, and GBP pairs do not count towards your 30 day volume and cannot be used to qualify for trading volume discounts.

Currency Pairs Price Precision Trading Min USDT/EUR 4 5 USDT/CAD 4 5 USDT/GBP 4 5 XBT/USDT 1 0.002 ETH/USDT 2 0.02 XBT/DAI 1 0.002 MLN/USD 3 0.1 MLN/EUR 3 0.1 XDG/USD 7 3000 XDG/EUR 7 3000

What happens to my existing orders with these pairs?

We will cancel any open orders on these markets immediately after the pairs are disabled. It is recommended that you cancel them ahead of time.

What should I do if I have additional questions?

Always feel free to contact Kraken support if you need additional assistance.

Thank you for choosing Kraken, the trusted and secure digital asset exchange.

The Kraken Team

P.S. Have you tried the Kraken Pro mobile app yet? 

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