An assorment of TerraNews 2022/01/24–26

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Locked For Good, LFG PleasrDAO✨has stepped into the chat… @ownthedoge has hit the ground running with their community’s donations! On top of the $250K for Ace of Hearts and $50K for @STARTRescueTeam, we can add another donation… $500K from @ownthedoge to be LFG!!!

What is Angel’s Locked For Good program?? Teams allocate a portion of their token supply to Angel, to earn yield however their team would like to; Liquidity Provision, Governance Staking, Lending. Angel facilitates their prefered strategy, & donates all the yield to charities!

In this case, @ownthedoge community passed a governance vote to allocate $500k of USDC to a LUNA-UST LP! Thank you for supporting @terra_money @ownthedoge‘s LFG program has already earned over $10k, all to be donated!! Check out the rewards here:

Where will the rewards go?? Right now, they are set to donate to our Angel Index, so pretty much all Angel charities win! The @ownthedoge community will have a quarterly vote, and can direct the yield as the community chooses.

Recurring community engagement for charity 👀🔥