A collection of TerraNews 2022/01/15–19

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TerraNews 2022/01/15–19 GM GODDAMNITFriends, grab a coffee/tea/sodapop and sit back. This is an assortment of Terra-specific news, events, or generally good reads for ease of keeping up with the ever-evolving Terra ecosystem. It’s likely that there‘s a lot of things missing this is just what I randomly come across. If you like the stories, clap the fucking clapper and follow on your way out bich. Let’s begin 🐸☕ Deviants' Factions alerting coming IDO event for its token $DEV It’s a soon-to-be TCG. The protocol aims to let other protocols or users create their own money markets. https://medium.com/@edgeprotocol/edge-protocol-raises-1-75m-seed-round-to-launch-the-next-generation-of-money-market-f1f6b74d3234Matt Cantieri — General Manager, Anchor Protocol at Terraform Labs “Edge Protocol really excited me because it puts power in the hands of users: allowing protocols and their users to build their own money markets with revenue directly flowing to them is a revolutionary model that adheres both to the ethos of Terra and crypto more broadly. The synergy potential with Anchor is undeniable.” Astroport addresses airdrop problems https://astroport.medium.com/astro-airdrop-update-and-resolution-75e83c2edeee A new airdrop just went out to all impacted addresses. The airdrop also shipped with a 5% bonus as a thank you for your patience. With the bonus, 1,891,328 ASTRO has been distributed from the Astral Assembly treasury to affected users. If you were one of the affected users, you can now claim your airdrop + 5% bonus from the ASTRO rewards center. Do confirmed for UpOnly interview Coinhall announces Stake to Subscribe model https://coinhall.org/subscribe Speculative thread on PRISM yLuna and pLuna Levana Talismans explained You get these if you “nest” the Levana dragon eggs. Tales of Terra releases NFT for HaloSwap participants Desmos Airdrop How-to article Luna stakers are eligible. Not sure what it is. Beema Finance teases UST MasterCard Article on the soontm ATLO launchpad launch Prism AMA for the coming launch With TheRyanLion, lejimmy.ust and MrRefractor Anchor governance proposal 13 The total refund amount is currently $9,6 mil (~2.76% of the community fund, based on ANC price on 12/29/2021 14:35 UTC), which is sufficient to bring the affected users’ wallets back to neutral. bitn8, TFL - Protocol Researcher app.anchorprotocol.com/poll/13 CosmWasm being wholesome This is a part of project Dawn which is supposed to be a core cosmos contributor organization. NOW If you’ve found this useful, feel free to indicate that I should continue this in some regard. Clap, follow, tweet, share, comment feedback (seriously appreciate this). AND/or use my Rango Exchange referral link. It’s a Cross-chain bridge aggregator and a thing of beauty! You should use it with or without the ref link. https://app.rango.exchange/?ref=lzmZko https://twitter.com/profNFA Thanks for reading! Until next time