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IMPORTANT: Instructions for Upgrading to Syscoin 3 / Syscoin 3.0.2 Release

For users who are importing wallets/funds from Syscoin 2.x OR have already imported funds into Syscoin 3.0.0: IMPORTANT STEPS: For Windows users, using Syscoin-QT 2.x only: Locate/create a shortcut for Syscoin-Qt 2.x. (to create a shortcut right click on the syscoin-qt.exe found where you installed it.) Right click on the shortcut and select “Properties” In the “Target” field add a space after \syscoin-qt.exe, followed by:

“-datadir=%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\Syscoin” (without quotes)

click “Ok”. (This step will tell the application to open using the legacy “Syscoin” directory instead of the new “SyscoinCore” directory. Save the shortcut and run Syscoin-QT 2.x from this shortcut ONLY. For Mac & Windows Users: Open your existing wallet using Syscoin-QT 2.1.6 or Syscoin-QT 3.0.0 and unlock. Open “Tools > Debug Console” and run the “dumpwallet” command passing the full path to where the wallet should be dumped, including your desired filename.

4. Close Syscoin-QT 2.1.6/Syscoin-QT 3.0.0

5. Backup your existing 3.0.0 wallet.dat by removing it from the SyscoinCore folder or renaming it. Remove “salvagewallet=1” from syscoin.conf if present.

6. Open Syscoin-QT with no wallet.dat in SyscoinCore.

7. Import your wallet into Syscoin using the “Tools > Debug Console” menu option. This time run the “importwallet” command passing the same path used in step #2.

8. Backup your new wallet.dat file!

9. IMPORTANT: Make sure you delete the dumpwallet file you created in step 2, it contains your private keys and is not encrypted.

For users who did NOT import wallets:

Backup your wallet.dat file (non-HD) Run Syscoin Backup your wallet.dat file again (HD)

If your wallet closes unexpectedly when trying to unlock please visit our #help channel on Slack for further assistance.

Having trouble and need help? Join us on our dedicated #help channel on the Syscoi...
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