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WILDSPARK IS ON FIRE! Here are the numbers.

Over a month ago, we kicked-off our first referral program that offered AMPs for referring new users to register for WildSpark and begin Amplifying content.

The response was astounding, to say the least; our goals for the promotion were quickly met, allowing us to build a sufficient base of users using the platform daily. Over this period, more than 200,000 new users have joined. At current prices, more than $15,000 worth of AMPs travel through the growing WildSpark economy every day.

With greater ongoing use, we’re able to get the insights we need to continue developing WildSpark and travel forward on the path to fulfilling our vision of creating a free and fair social network built on a sustainable decentralized economy.

With this successful program coming to a close on March 26, we wanted to share a snapshot of a typical day on the WildSpark platform.  

Every MINUTE 25 AMPs are awarded to creators Introduced in 2014, the AMP token powers the WildSpark network, incentivizing users to reward each other and support the creation of value directly. This is our way of encouraging all to “love thy creators,” for without them, we’d live in world of skewed information and content.  Our motto: Like it? AMP it!

Every HOUR 600 new members join WildSpark Becoming part of the WildSpark community empowers you to change the Internet into a more free and fair environment. As more members join, content becomes more abundant and diverse, and creates the strong network we need to be competitive with the incumbent social media networks and content hubs.  

Every DAY 15,000 Amplifications are performed An Amplification event occurs whenever a user invests AMP in content; this rewards the creator of the content directly as well as the curator responsible for bringing it to your attention.

Amplifications also affect the priority of the content in the ever-updating, live feed on WildSpark.me.

Every DAY 40,000 ...

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