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Stellar, The Sleeping Giant

Stellar, The Dead Network

In the previous article it was shown Stellar is an anomaly among high-marketcap coins: that the network moves less than $100,000 USD daily. reports Stellar processed 1024 transactions today Jan 3rd, 2019:

On, Stellar transaction volume is so low that it doesn't make the top 20: reports 683 transactions on the Stellar network for Dec 23rd, 2018, compared to over 3 million on the Tron network:

Based on the statistics presented as they are, Stellar appears to be one of the the most overpriced coins in history as it is being reported to have no network volume.

A Look at the Tron Blockchain

Justin Sun is proud of Tron's high transaction throughput:

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Tron Now sees millions of transactions per day.

Peering into the Tron blockchain using, a random block is chosen for investigative purposes to see what these millions of transactions really are: almost all are gaming oriented smart contract operations. Below is a random block chosen #5474796:

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The block is full of smart contract operations:

Tron's high transaction volume is explained by high levels of smart contract usage, its blocks being almost totally composed of TRIGGERSMARTCONTRACT operations, so it may be concluded that the statistics aggregation sites are using the terms smart contract operations and transactions interchangeably with Tron.

In doing so, it would be expected that the statistical sites would be consistent and also interchange smart contract operations and transactions with Stellar too, right?

Stellar Smart Contracts

In a partnership with Stellar, IBM has launched a program conducting cross-border transactions in the South Pacific region. How could this pilot be ongoing with little to no transactions as reported by the statistical aggregators?

A quick look at shows th...

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