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Stellar Dev Digest: Issue #59

Active Discussions

💬 There’s no crazy new conversations to follow this week, so I’ll highlight some of the recent conversations in case you need to catch up!

SEP-0035: Operation IDs defines an assignment method for IDs for operations in historical ledger data, representing the total order of operations on the Stellar network. This SEP is still relatively new and you can catch up on the discussion here.

SEP-0034: Wallet Request Attribution for Anchors provides a standardized way for anchors to verify the wallet application used to process a particular transaction. This SEP entered a Final Comment Period a while ago and seems to be a great value add for anchors and wallet services. Find the discussion for SEP-34 here.

Last but not least, the conversation around increasing the network’s minimum fee is still a thing! If you need some background information, read this blog post released in July. Once you’re caught up, you can find the discussion around the proposal here.

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