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Stellar Dev Digest: Issue #50 - AnchorUSD goes fee-less, how Stellar is changing the payment industry, and new Stellar documentation.

Application of the Week

This week I’m featuring’s brand new docs! Does this count as an application? I have no idea, but they deserve to be highlighted anyways 😎

The old Stellar documentation was great, but there’s always room for improvement. Over the past several months the Stellar Development Foundation has been hard at work streamlining the navigation of the docs, improving their looks, and updating the content to better reflect the current state of Stellar development. The new documentation has been divided in to two sections:

Documentation includes guides, links to tools and software, and definitions of all things Stellar. API Reference documents the Horizon API in all its glory, and allows you to easily look up the resources, aggregations, and errors you’ll encounter as you use it.

It’s also much easier to submit your PRs or issues as you come across things that need changing in the docs:

Simply click the pen / edit icon next to the page title and it’ll take you straight to the new Github repository. Please don’t hesitate to make suggestions!

Check out the new documentation here!

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