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Economies that reward and connect people - Award and Peer to Peer communities driven by Stellar's technology

As we say hello to 2021, it’s lovely to be able to share news of updates to our mobile application - all hinged around our mission to connect people. Released yesterday, the new version brings Awards, Peer-to-Peer Payments, and language localization. Let’s dig in!

Awarding People

On the timeline you’ll find a new Award option. When you tap this, Task will let you send tokens from your wallet to the user who completed the timeline task.

You can also send a message to let them know why you’ve sent them this Award. And these awards get listed in the timeline, letting everyone see the great work that's being done.

You don’t need to be a team member of a project to send Awards to the users. If you follow a project and can see the activities being completed, you can send Awards!

Say thanks when people do great things. We feel it's a lovely way to connect.

Peer-to-Peer Payments

We discussed in our article which explains our use of blockchain Stable Coins - and when you add this to the fact we support all traded Stellar tokens as well as creating your own branded Stellar token - user payments become really useful.

When you navigate to the profile of any user in Task, you will find a “Send tokens” button at the bottom - tap this, choose the tokens to send, add quantity plus optional message - and your tokens are sent.

Tracking Transactions

For both Awards and Peer-to-Peer Payments you’ll find tracking of these transactions by tapping on your profile in the mobile app, and viewing your transaction history.

You’ll see all inbound and outbound transactions - and if you’ve got your nerd head on, you can tap the Network Explorer links to view the Stellar blockchain transactions. Remember, you’ll need to be part of a Task project that supports tokens payments in order to see this stuff.

New language support

新年快乐!สวัสดีปีใหม่! រីករាយ​ឆ្នាំ​ថ្មី!

The mobile app now supports Chinese (simplified), Thai and Kh...

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