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Zipline - Beware of the Bear - MyPictureDay Submission

Bitcoin is on a massive rally! Let’s see if it will zipline down to where it broke out. That's what we did a few days ago.

Hi Steemers! Untouched nature, great company and an adventure! Best way to spend lazy Sundays.

We decided to try something new and zipline offer was on sale. The place is called Zipline - Beware of the Bear. It is the longest (1700 m) and fastest (110 kmh) zip line in Europe, so they say.

What better way to spend such an adventure than with three beautiful girls!

I was excited and I didn’t know what level of fear to expect. It turned out surreal. It was more displaced than scary. I felt like in a studio with the surrounding landscape as CGI.

The finish line is a small wooden structure with a sprawling view of the surrounding landscape. Great place to have a beer but I had no time, unfortunately.

You take a small drive to the starting point. They put you on the steel wire and away you go!

You can’t see behind you, you have no idea what’s in front. Just whooshing like a superman.

Check out the video, a bit choppy, but gives an idea what’s it like. I tried to do a little speech and say hello to steemit but the sound was so distorted by the cable scratching noise that I decided against it.

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