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You Need More Patience :: A Steem Exclusive

Thank You <3

First, I want to say thanks to @heymattsokol for submitting my post about PGP & Keybase to @curie. It turned yesterday into one crazy ride. I also want to thank everyone who commented and upvoted on that post. Trending third under the technology topic was the last thing I expected to see for that post.

This leads me to explain some things that I have been seeing around the steem platform and that others in the communities I take part in have discussed. There is and always has been an odd aspect when it comes to content creation, no matter where you are creating your content.

The Issue

The issue when creating content is what many of us call 'the grind'. This is the main thing that kills people's motivation and probably the single reason why everyone is not a content creator. Whether it's writing a post about something technological, writing poems, or creating videos.

The definition of grind is as follows:

To reduce something to small particles or powder by crushing it.

So how does this relate to content creation? You are the something being crushed. Your creativity, your moral, your motivation, your determination, will all be crushed. This happens constantly, over and over again until you get to the point of wanting to give up. You must realize this going into content creation online and everyone deals with the grind.

In the past, you needed to go to a publisher or raise a bunch of money to get your content out to the world. This put some of the success of your work onto the shoulder of the people or company that bought into your idea.

They would help you promote the content and did their best to make it a success. However, with the internet, we don't need them anymore and this puts us in a very weird place. With no help means that most of our best work will go unnoticed. I know this very well.

My Past

I have been blogging for over a decade in some form. I have been on many p...

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