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When the Bigshots "Forget" to Upvote... — Steemit

I don't get it. If you give someone positive feedback on a comment, why would you also not upvote? I loved Steemit since I started my account in November because there seemed to be a spirit of reciprocity. Perhaps, the community must take it into their own hands to educate proper decorum.

If you didn't the comment, just be honest with the person. Honesty is the BEST POLICY.

Tell me it was weak or this sucks or something. Not "Haha" or " LOL" or "LMAO" and then just leave me hanging.

In my humble opinion... That is some bull !!!

I can understand if your voting power is low (and we can see that thanks to!) but, if not, for Pete's sake, give a little bit back to someone that took a moment to honor your post.

Note: If you regularly upvote my posts and I know who you are, this is not directed towards you. I love my peeps!

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