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What will America lose if there are no Criminal charges against Hillary Clinton?

What will America have lost if there are no Criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for putting our nation at risk with her handling of classified documents on a private server.

I am afraid the price this country and WE THE PEOPLE will end up paying will be beyond our capability to pay.

1st we will no longer be known as a nation of laws. It will forever prove there are laws for the common man and another for the wealthy and powerful.

2nd the DOJ and FBI will have been 100% proven to be a political tool for the powerful and elite and can no longer be trusted by the American people to act in the best interest of our country or it's citizens.

3rd it will prove that the Clinton's are a Criminal Enterprise that will go to any length to protect their foundation of lies and criminal activity. Up to and including murder.

4th the United States is no longer a sovereign nation, but a nation owned at all levels by China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and others.

5th America will no longer be a nation with borders and a national source of American pride. We will become a fractured nation divided by race, religion and ethnic groups that will not assimilate but instead will declare area of the country as their own.

6th the great experiment called America will be a thing of the past as it will have failed not because of its citizens lack of love for country but due to the citizens apathy, greed and acceptance of mediocrity in our lives and in our political leaders.

7th the Constitution is just a piece of paper with a few good ideas, many more bad ones and is no longer relevant in today's world. It is simply a list of suggestion to follow or not depending on the whim of those in power over us.

8th the American Dream is just that a dream unattainable to future generation and failing to this generation.

9th we the people are now we the uneducated masses and doomed to a lifetime of stupidity, dependency and lac...

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