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Week #1 Recap for SmartCash: Twitter/Steem Giveaways, Explorer is live, Passed Block 10,000, & the SmartHive Voting Site! Almost ready for the flood gates to open.. — Steemit

Welcome the the Weekly Recap for SmartCash, #1. Where we will outline important #SmartCash related news each week!

It's been 8 days since we officially launched the SmartCash Blockchain and while there is still a mountain of work ahead of us; we would like to atleast start trying to provide weekly #SmartCash updates to this wonderful community, as we are big fans of Steem.

With that being said; there will be weeks when we don't post due to being busy but we will do our best to keep a weekly update thread going on, if need be we can change it to a bi-monthly update after things slow down as well.

Also, anything posted in this update is not 100% guaranteed, as anything that requires funding must be approved by a community vote anyways. But we are confident in our plans and hope the SmartCash community will show us some early faith and let us hit the ground running.

SmartHive Voting Website is almost completed! Should go live in a day or two, and then we will really hit the gas pedal.

We've been diligently working on the SmartHive Voting website, that is basically a Governance Portal that allows anyone SmartCash to vote on proposals that are submitted to the SmartHive platform. Proposing an idea costs 100 SmartCash and you must get a net 10% yes vote to pass a vote, approved proposals are paid out monthly.

The first SmartCash block explorer is officially live! Check it out:

We launched a block explorer over at for our immediate block explorer needs and to hasten the process of getting on exchanges and on websites such as coinmarketcap, this was one of our early priorities and while the coin distribution is a little but misleading as well as the top 100 due to our block reward split, all in all it came out very nicely. Now we can focus on things such as upgrades and other SmartCash support tools.

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