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[ULog Entry #002] Another Medication Roller Coaster{Negative effects}

[Designed by @veteranforcrypto] ✍ULog Entry #002/PTSD Journal Entry #005✍

Now in my first Ulog I mention I started with a PTSD journal post when ever I needed to post whats on my mind and whats bothering me, well if you want to know how twisted my weekend was and the discovery in which my wife made on Sunday afternoon? Well strap in as I take you through the deranged mind which is a Negative Side Effect of the latest prescription, this will get raw, it will get dark but this is what I experience in a experience I am having as I type. Now to continue this story while I medicate! Thanks for coming back and thank you for allowing #Ulog to be the new home of my PTSD journal entry's. 😎

😡Again Negative Side effects to "Medication"😡 Source Prozac

Now this rounds lucky winner for me to try par the Veterans Affairs Mental Health Department and my doctors is (Drumroll) PROZAC! Yep you heard right, Prozac that old timer antidepressant that works for a lot of people, most people don’t notice to many negative effects. (LaughingFace) well let me just jot down a little list of side effects both minor and serious side effects and continue on to whats been so fucked up lately with me! This medication has taken negative control of my brain and I cannot allow that anymore I have started taking control back x2 days in so far!


Now that you all have seen the side effects list, lets see what exactly it is that I am experiencing right now..

Heightened Insomnia Lose of Appetite Weight Lose (40lbs almost in 3 months) Restlessness/Anxiety Attacks/Panic Attack Light Headedness & Dizziness Spells Tremors (worse With no Marijuana Meds) Severe Mood Swings/Rage Suicidal Thoughts Way elevated. Loss of interest in Everything Elevated Paranoia Elevated Social Anxiety Delayed Ejaculation (I could film 6 full feature films with storyline)

Now comparing the lists it would seem that again I have much of the sid...

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