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[ULog Entry #002] Another Medication Roller Coaster{Negative effects}

e effects. Again... Well this round was a bit different for me in a few ways. First Prozac takes 7-8 weeks to fully kick in as taking it and being beneficial. Well there was a span of about a week and a half in that transition that I got hungry again, I could write posts on #Steemit more then once every 2 weeks at times, I was more present and social-able in The Military Veterans of Steemit Discord, and I had thought the Prozac kicked in well, no. My wife and I started to notice less sleep at night(Quick catch up I have insomnia and sleep meds knock me out lol) I was back down to 1-3 hours a night EVERY night... I thought it was just a cycle of sleep that I was going through, well the final Tally for the month of July is 90ish give or take hours for the whole month! Crazy right? That was the first hint. The second hint came with my monthly pharmacy visit, I had blown through a whole OZ in 1 week; normally last me 2. This was due to the heightened anxiety, so I bring said things up to the Dr and she decides to raise the meds as it was end of week 8 taking it. I was feeling the restlessness but not raging so a raise might be OK.. Well No that was wrong little did we know that the meds took a little longer, with me due to my tolerance to chemicals lmao! Needless to say upped my blood pressure meds as well in the morning and night to try and sleep as well relieve some of the restlessness. Then lowered me again to 30mg prozac. See what happens and if it goes south we will lower you off the prozac completely and see if your marijuana self medicating can do what the anti depressant seems to be fucking with. As BP meds and the sleep meds have been fine forever its the antidepressants that are screwing my brain up and genuinely killing me inside I die more everyday!

🎥VLog #001 The Begining of the future for my posts🎥

Now as you see my wife messages my Dr about an outburst I had over the weekend (medication induced) with accompaniment of panic attacks, anxiety pains with major tremors all day. My pharmacist helped me out, till the script came for about two days. Below is her response. Now bear in mind that this is RAW material here and for safety reasons things have been blacked out for identity purposes. Some people cant act right and this doctor tries but it is getting checked this time on her word! Following will be couple pictures of her response to the outburst which you don't need to see what my wife/caregiver said to my DR my confidentiality...

Now notice no mention in what we literally discussed in my last appointment, in July about backing me off the prescription medication. While I continue marijuana use with self monitoring, dosing, and management of the amount ingested. Even the stress that makes me smoke x.xx amount of medication. So here is our response!

I'm putting my foot down this time. This medication they mention is new! Has ALL the same symptoms, and has a BIG WARNING SAYING: WARNING SUICIDAL THOUGHTS OR ACTIONS. Soooo [email protected] that! So we waited on the reply and I need that to continue writing, stay with us its just getting good! This is worth the read!(strongarms)

Now you see here the reasoning I like this doctor, she is willing to try out what we spoke of before and of course sending them anyway like nahhhh you aren't getting me for failure to comply or whatever that shot is. Well anyway I like to spit some bars; "but old dude with lower back problems, I don't like the medications period but I have been trying my damnedest to not crumble to the dark thoughts or take that long sleep, supposed to be a soldier don't budge, don't weep, in the beginning I had told strap in this a ride for thee," hopefully with this post you all know more of me! Sorry that ending popped in my head I hope you enjoy it and enjoy this short video outside away from kids.

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