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SPLASHER - ⚠ Nerve racking game ®

The name itself, "Splasher" gives you an idea of what's going on in the game, lots of water, a bit of glue and a bit of rubber-the glue helps you walking on walls and the rubber helps you bounce off of them. Your mission is to save the workers from the evil Doctuer, mad scientists/owner of the company "Inkorp" has trapped. Running away from you, although you're just a kid with a water gun, the doc placed his colorful minions and (what else could it be) buzz saws.

The enemies are hard to describe (brain with an eye for example) and not so hard to kill. The smaller ones you take out with your gun, the bigger ones, so called tanks, you have to lead to pools of acid or buzz saws. The main trick of the game and the main source of frustrations are long, high precision jumps you must pull off in splits of a second.

The often deaths are very annoying in the beginning but as you get the hang of it you learn to jump and shoot precisely and the game gets more and more fun. When you master the controls you can choose the "speedrun" mod in which you measure your skills with others.

Splasher is a frustratingly hard, but thanks to a balanced distribution of checkpoints, a fantastically playable platformer The blue watter, the red glue, the orange rubber and the green acid are a feast for the eye. The electro soundtrack additionally boosts the atmosphere and will put a smile on the old school gaming fans.

When you save a worker he takes off with a rocket and you are rewarded with a letter. At the end of each level, if all workes are saved, you get the word SPLASHER. Carrying a tank on the back you jump around and collect water, which, at the end of a level, you empty in the water gauge for which you are rewarded with an exclamation mark. You can find portals with mini-games in each level.

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