Some of my Old Artworks

5Y Ago

Hi everyone, I think I'll post every now and then, some of the #art I draw.

These aren't the best I have, but that's the files I found in my PC (that aren't part of a story).

These two are my favorite Original Characters, they are the main characters of my story "Ward Adventure" (مغامرات ورد):

The Child Hero: Ward

He's the "Naive Hero" of my story who's goal to look for a friend he had separated from, that friend is the man who saved his life few years ago.

The name "ward ورد" is the name I choose for the portagonist for the first original story I published on the web (only arabic version). the name in arabic can mean different things depending on how it said. it can mean "Lion" and it can mean "Flower"... also it's one of the rare arabic name that you can name both genders with.

The Violent Girl: Nada

She's a harsh girl who also looks for the same person Ward looks for, I like writing her dialog because I can't write a relasticc girl and she's far from relastic. she has some tsundere traits but she isn't a tsundere.

The name "Nada ندى" means "dew", you know.. that water on the flowers in the morning... I wanted her to have a name that go hand with hand with the name of the protagonist... They doesn't sound good in English but in arabic they're good names.

EDIT: Some of my other drawings:

I make manga webcomics, But they're only available in arabic. making English versions of them is very exhausting and isn't fun The only works I translated to Eng. isn't finished. for someone who draws for free I can't keep making them that way. so sorry for now my English followers.. maybe next time.