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One General's Vision: Replacing the Army Physical Fitness Test

One General's Vision: Replacing the Army Physical Fitness Test: The Army Combat Readiness Test is designed to better prepare troops for the rigors of combat.

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"43,000 non-deployable!"

That is almost three (3) army infantry divisions! And the Korean peninsula is heating up, we are fighting in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and the U.S. Army is three divisions equivalent short of war fighters! And on top of that the U.S. army is commissioning Communists. In 2011 the army published a 96 page study on non-deployables authored by seven (7) colonels and one civilian. Guess it takes two fire teams of army colonels to do what a couple of captains of Marines can do. What a waste.

America and it's citizens deserve and demand a strong army! Kick out all non-deployables and bring our forces home. Get out of these foreign lands and quit slaying dragons afar. Non-deployables represents a large glut of inefficiency. We're paying for people who can't do their job.

Time for President Trump to drain the swamp in the army.

Secretary of Defense Mattis needs to get down in the weeds and set the army on a correct course.

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