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Nigerians Open an African Restaurant in Zagreb, Croatia - MyPictureDay Submission

Traders! STRAT is about to get some updates! Price already budged a bit! I don’t hold any, what about you? Does the news make you hungry? Check out what’s new in Zagreb!

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The picture says it all! Stratis Identity and full update on the Breeze Wallet!

Check out their twitter!

Any chart experts?

In other news! There was a grand opening of ‘African Cuisine & Bar’ Restaurant in Zagreb a few days ago. That’s something I haven’t tried before and really had no idea what to expect.

It’s rather small but cosy with decoration that’s minimal but fits the idea. I was impressed by this noble gorilla poster. I found a lot of myself there.

On the other hand, my girlfriend tells me I’m more of a lamma type. Go figure.

Service is extremely friendly. You almost have a feeling you are a guest at their home rather than in a restaurant. Here are a few words on the owners. I quote:

...we are very excited about the opening of a cool new place for international cuisine lovers – African Cuisine & Bar. Ridwan and Prince Wale are two friends from Nigeria who live in Zagreb. After setting up their entertainment platform called ChroMag Entertainment in 2015 and promoting African heritage and culture with music and event planning, the two friends have recently decided to bring their culture even closer to Zagreb audience – by opening an African bar and restaurant…


Menu seems to be daily and we didn’t have much to choose from but it was tasty. And HOT! Very, very hot! You southern people are built tough!

It was my first banana that wasn’t sweet. Potato like I’d say. White stuff is bland but when connected with sauce a really filling spicy bomb!

There were only staple macro beers on the menu. I’d suggest to get some craft as soon as possible. Maybe some African brewery. I see potential there! I did find an odd dr...

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