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Meet one of Steemit Inc’s Blockchain Engineers, Steve! He shares his background and a bit about his Steem Vision. Steem is more than just a blockchain, it’s a community 😎

Hello Steemians, I’m Steve and I’m a blockchain engineer at Steemit, Inc. In the following video I chat with @andrarchy (Head of Communications at Steemit) about how I came to Steemit, what I’ve been doing since I joined the team about a year ago, and where I see Steem going in the future. I also talk about the work I’ve been doing more recently on SMTs, and what work remains to be done.

To learn more about who else is on the Steemit Team and what they do, you can visit the “About” page on

My Backstory I started getting into computers and programming at about the age of 12 and I was hooked, fascinated instantly. I started fooling around with Linux and bash scripting. It was a hobby of mine for a few years, but I didn’t yet consider it my profession. I went to college for business, general stuff, and I got a business-like job when I got out of college.

But I was never quite happy with my career. I really enjoyed creating things and the beauty of software is that with no materials, except for your brain, you can create beautiful things. That’s why I decided to turn my hobby into my profession and went back to college for computer science.

After working on Content Management Systems, followed by a giant program for commodity trading for 5 years, I wanted to move into something innovative. I started to get into cryptocurrencies and saw the opportunity to work in Steemit, and work on the Steem blockchain, so I jumped all over that opportunity. I studied hard for my interview, got the fundamentals down, and was eventually hired. Then I jumped in on the chain.

At Steemit I started with little things like bugs, and some little tiny SMT features to get my feet wet. Then I worked on MIRA after what I call “The Reckoning.” Cost cutting measures needed to be taken, so we revamped the backend database with RocksDB, which was a big project. Now I’m back, laser-focused, trying to get SMTs out. Completed Work on SMTs Whe...
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