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How well do Blog Posts Really do on Steemit – Analysis SteemitSQL Database

Debunking a Myth

As a data enthusiast, and with the aid of awesome tools like Power BI and Excel (as I can’t program to save my life, not even a tad bit of SQL) I know that the block-chain holds information that can easily be turned into actionable business insights. 

So following on from my previous Steemit Database analysis, I have decided to gather more business intelligence and establish how well posts really do here on Steemit.  How many posts get votes?  How many posts don’t make a dime? How many post create real engagement via comments? What are the chances of having a ‘Successful’ post on Steemit?

If you are on Steemit because you think you can make a quick few pounds think again.  If someone told you to join Steemit because they made money and you can too, it’s easy.  Then think again.

Yes there have been people that have made considerable sums on Steemit, but I am hoping with this data we can debunk the myth that Steemit is an easy platform to succeed on with very little work….

I have taken the Comments posted table from the Steemit SQL held and managed by  @arcange   (thanks you rock)  The dates for which I have analysed are 1 July 17 to 23 July 2017 at 22:08 GMT.

During this time there were 377,880 Blogs.  This is the number of new articles or posts written, NOT Comments…..

What's the chances a post will actually create engagement, conversation & comments?

Over 123K blogs have no response at all.  No comments, no feedback. Do keep in mind that included in these blogs are blogs made within a few seconds of the report, so many not have had a chance to get comments.  I will run this report again 7 days after month end to see if there is much of a change.

Have a look at the table below. A considerable number of blogs have only 1 comment.  I would how many of these comments are made by bots, such as minnowsupport or comments from Randowhale?  This is something I would like to look at in a ...

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